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Faerie Glen Products

Faerie Glen Wands

Made in Rosemarkie, from windthrown wood from the magical Fairy Glen, cleansed in the clear waters of the Glen, then anointed with precious essential oils and charged with sunlight, these wands come to you ready to receive your own personal energy. All elements are represented: Feathers and precious oils (Air), wood, metal and crystals (Earth), cleansing (Water), and charging (Fire). Add your own spirit energy, and it is complete. Enjoy your wand, and handle with care!
Each wand comes with a small attached note detailing the crystals and wood used and their powers, and
the significance of the feather colour. They are £9.95 each.

Faerie Glen Pentacles


The pentacle is an ancient protective symbol. Of the five points, four represent the elements: fire, earth, water and air.  The fifth represents spirit.
Faerie Glen Pentacles are made from windthrown wood from the magical Fairy Glen in Rosemarkie.

Each wood has a corresponding gemstone and element associated with it. These pentacles are adorned with a crystal and feather (representing the element) corresponding to the wood used.

They are £7.95each.

Faerie Glen Elven Stars


The Elven star is a gateway symbol – a bridge between our world and the Faerie Realm.

The points represent:
1 Power, prosperity, personal will
2 Unconditional love, healing
3 Knowledge, awakening
4 Harmony, blessings
5 Powers of the mind
6 Devotion and physical healing
7 Magic and success
Faerie Glen Elven stars are made from windthrown wood from the magical Fairy Glen, Rosemarkie

Faerie Glen Elven Stars are £7.95.

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