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Other Crafts

Panacea Pouches
Available in various tartans, velvets and silks, the small pouches are £2.00 and the larger ones are £2.50. There are also larger ones suitable for tarot cards (see below). They are £7.50.

Panacea Broomsticks

coming soon

Panacea Wheatbags

coming soon

Holey Stones.........£12.00

Since ancient times, naturally occurring holey stones have been considered magical. These are from Rosemarkie Beach, and are suspended from red cord containing three knots, as this was considered to make them particularly powerful. Place inside a front door to offer protection and ward off negative energy.

Panacea Dreamcatchers

Each dreamcatcher is adorned with quartz crystals and Swarovski crystals in a colour that matches the binding ribbon. They are bright and beautiful, and made with care.








Scottish Pottery

by Bridget Sharrat...beautiful natural forms


snowflake candle holders:-        wee willie winkie candle 

single: £18.00, double               holders:- £8.45



urn tealight holder £24.00     tree tealight holder £30.00     

Natural crafts (by Kai Seidr)


large 'dolmen' fairy door         henge candle holder £13.50




more images of Kai's lovely stuff to come! 


Faerie Houses (by Cheryl Ross)


 Gorgeous wee fairy house..£30. I want to move in!

Carved Rune Sets

Celtic-design slate clocks


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