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Resins, Incense and Smudging Herbs

Resins: use in incenses & potpourri
Frankincense      3.30
Dragon's Blood Resin    6.00
Benzoin Gum      7.93
Gum Arabic      2.20

Native American Smudging Herbs and Extras

Brass incense burners...£5.95
Easy -lighting charcoal  1.80 per tube
High John the Conqueror oil  10.00 for 10ml
White sage leaves (packet of approx 8g) 3.00
Sweetgrass plaits   9.00
White sage smudge sticks 8.00

Osha root 6.50

Feather smudgers 16.00

Incense: Indian
Nag Champa..£1.50

Incense: Native American
Dancing Otter: Sacred Space, Healing, Father Sun, Moon, Mother Earth, Dreams, South/Water/Coyote, East/Air/Eagle, North/Earth/Buffalo, West/Fire/Bear, 15 sticks.........£3.65


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