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Resins, Incense and Smudging Herbs

Resins: use in incenses & potpourri
Frankincense      3.30
Myrrh       3.40
Dragon's Blood Resin    6.00
Benzoin Gum      7.93
Gum Arabic      2.20

Native American Smudging Herbs and Extras

Brass incense burners...£5.95
Easy -lighting charcoal  1.80 per tube
High John the Conqueror oil  10.00 for 10ml
White sage leaves (packet of approx 8g) 3.00
Sweetgrass plaits   7.00
White sage smudge sticks 5.00
Kinick-kinick smoking mixture 5.00

Western flat-leaf cedar 2.00
Osha root 6.50

Feather smudgers 16.00

Incense: Indian
Nag Champa..£1.50

Maroma Sandalwood...£2.50

Maroma Frankincense...£2.50

Incense: Native American
Dancing Otter: Sacred Space, Healing, Father Sun, Moon, Mother Earth, Dreams, South/Water/Coyote, East/Air/Eagle, North/Earth/Buffalo, West/Fire/Bear, 15 sticks.........£3.65


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