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Greenwoman Jewellery is made in the village of Rosemarkie on the Black Isle in the Scottish Highlands. It is a combination of sterling silver, semiprecious healing stones, and Swarovski crystals, sometimes with other natural additions, such as feathers. The price range is from £10 to £50, depending on the stones used.

Jewellery can also be made to order: for example a specific combination of healing stones, or a matching 'fairy crown', necklace and earrings for a wedding.

Below are some samples of my jewellery...these give an indication of the type of stuff I do.


chakra neclace: garnet,           rope necklace: garnet,

carnelian, citrine, peridot       aquamarine, haematite

aquamarine, lapis lazuli,                          SOLD

amethyst    SOLD


silver-wrapped aqua aura, angel     carnelian, amazonite, apatite

aura     SOLD                                                £44.00

silver-wrapped peacock ore,        enammeled ivy spray, peridot,

peacock feather  £40.00              carnelian, cotton candy quartz,

                                                 haematite      £28.00


silver-wrapped sugilite, peridot


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