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Panacea Potions - Creams and Oils

These creams and gels are available by consultation. Other creams that are specifically tailored to individual conditions can also be mixed.  Consultations are free.

About my creams.....

They are made from pure vegetable ingredients, biodynamic tinctures and essential oils that are specific to the condition they are helping.

Argan Face Cream: intense enough for a night cream, but light enough for a day cream, this just soaks right in to your skin , leaving no greasy residue. Well-suited to individuals with very sensitive skin.  It smells gorgeous too!
Comfrey Cream: strains, sprains, sore muscles & joints, broken bones
Chickweed Cream: eczema, dermatitis
Oregon Grape Cream: psoriasis (cleavers is anti-inflammatory, Oregon grape slows the division rate of the skin cells to a normal rate, eliminating crusting)
Healing Herb Cream: inflamed sore skin, rosacea
Burn Relief Gel: burnt skin (including sunburn)

Eyebright Eye Gel: itchy/puffy/dark-circled eyes, dry-eye.
Foot Balm: hot, sore, tired feet
Winter Toes Cream: chilblains and poor circulation
If you like these creams, when you have used them bring the empty jar back to me at Panacea and you will get 20p off your next one, as I recycle the jars.
Panacea Potions Chickweed Cream, 45g...£5.50
Panacea Potions Oregon Grape Cream, 45g...£4.50
Panacea Potions Winter Toes Cream, 45g...£5.50
Panacea Potions Comfrey Cream, 45g...£5.00
Panacea Potions Healing Herb Cream, 45g...£6.50
Panacea Potions Foot Balm, 45g...£5.00
Panacea Potions Burn Relief Gel, 50g...£4.00 

Panacea Potions Eyebright Eye Gel, 50g...£6.50

Panacea Potions Argan Face Cream, 45g...£9.50


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