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Beauty Products

Please note: Panacea Potions creams, gels, oils and bath salts are handcrafted by myself from the best and purest ingredients that  I can source. They are made in very small batches and can be tailored and tweaked to suit individual needs and requirements. They are, therefore, unlicensed, and can ONLY be sold to accompany a consultation...either in person, or over the phone. This however, is quick, painless and friendly!

Bath Bombs

Floral Fizzes 190g...£3.00


Lay Back & Languish            Force of Nature


Dream in Blue                            Passion Fashion

Romantic Rebel

Face, Hand & Body Lotions & Creams

Panacea Potions Argan face cream, 40g...£12.50

Panacea Potions Borage hand cream, 40g...£8.50

Panacea Potions Peppermint foot cream, 40g...£8.50

Shampoos: all £6.50 for 400ml 

Faith in Nature Seaweed Shampoo

Faith in Nature Wild Rose Shampoo

Faith in Nature Lavender & Geranium Shampoo

Faith in Nature Aloe vera Shampoo

Faith in Nature Rosemary Shampoo

Conditioners: all £6.50 for 400ml 

Faith in Nature Seaweed Conditioner

Faith in Nature Lavender & Geranium Conditioner

Faith in Nature Aloe vera Conditioner 

Faith in Nature Wild Rose Conditioner

Faith in Nature Rosemary Conditioner


Salt of the Earth crystal deodorant, 50ml...£4.85



Kingfisher Fennel (fluoride ), 100ml...£2.90

Kingfisher Mint (fluoride), 100ml...£2.90

Kingfisher Mint (fluoride free), 100ml...£2.90


Sarakan Mouthwash, 300ml...£4.30

Bath Salt

Panacea Potions pink Himalayan Bath Salt, 250g...£6.50, refills £3.50: 

Sweet Dreams

Muscle Soother (this is made with epsom salt, and also contains arnica)

Romantic Rebel

Moment of Calm

Panacea  Potions Purely Himalayan bath salt, 750g...£4.50

Panacea Potions epsom salt, 750g...£3.00



Faith in Nature: 100g, £1.55

Aloe vera, patchouli and ylang ylang

Black Isle Soap Company: luxurious soaps handmade on the Black Isle, using essential oils and herbal extracts, approx 120g...£4.95:


Hebridean Soap Company

The Hebridean Soap Company make their gorgeous soaps at Breasclete, Isle of Lewis. The bars are 100-110g, and are £4.60 each.

Rose Leòdhais: shea butter, rose petals, rose fragrance oil

Machair Flower: evocative of the vivid purple-red of the orchids and red clover blossoms of the machair. Rose geranium, palmarosa, lavender and benzoin essential oils

Velvet antlers: green forest scents with spicy cinnamon

Lavender and lime: lavender and lime essential oils

Silky sandalwood: raw silk fibres, olive oil, shea butter, sandalwood fragrance

Moody Patchouli: patchouli essential oil

Lemon and oatmeal scrub: lemongrass essential oil, Scottish oatmeal

Hebridean Mint: peppermint and cinnamon essential oils

Frankincense and orange: smoky, spicy and rich

Spanish Olive oil soap: approx 100g, £4.50 per slice:

Rose (with added rosehip oil)

Orange and cinnamon

Greenman Soap: 100g

Argan oil and rosemary

Gentle and Kind (Chamomile)

Night Time (Lavender)




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