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Crafty Crafts:

Faerie Glen wands

Wooden hearts by Leon Patchett

Runes by Barry Fairbairn

Original paintings by Fiona Kearney



Faerie Glen Wands

Made in Rosemarkie, from windthrown wood from the magical Fairy Glen, cleansed in the clear waters of the Glen, then anointed with precious essential oils and charged with sunlight, these wands come to you ready to receive your own personal energy. All elements are represented: Feathers and precious oils (Air), wood, metal and crystals (Earth), cleansing (Water), and charging (Fire). Add your own spirit energy, and it is complete. Enjoy your wand, and handle with care!

Wooden Hearts by Leon Patchett

Made locally (Cromarty) from a range of local woods from the area, plus exotic timber. These hearts are wonderful to hold...beautiful and tactile. Large...£25, small...£20.





Croft Runes by Barry Fairbairn

Made locally (Culloden). These runes are the traditional Elder Futhark, and as such, were originally used as letters, as well as divination. They do not contain a blank rune. The blank rune is an entirely modern concept, devised by one Ralph Blum. Who ever heard of a blank letter? Just saying.

Rune Dice  £15  complete with instruction page   


Rune sets  £20 complete with instruction book

Rune necklaces £7.95

Original paintings by Fiona Kearney

Dragon (acrylic) 10x8" £120

Lily (CD sized) £50

Hare 1 (acrylic) £70

Hare 2 (acrylic) £70

A Walk in the Woods (oil) £150


Prints and posters are available of some of Fiona's paintings. Please enquire.



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